Our company, which started to operate in Istanbul in 2010, started to produce non slip flooring applications to be used on stone surfaces (ceramic, granite, concrete, marble, travertine etc.) under the name NANOGRIP, when its partner company Applied Nano-Concepts began manufacturing nano technology based products in 2012. In 2015, after the addition of the extraordinary product to the range of merchandise, the company continues to apply the unique non-slip effect on stone surfaces to all kind of wet and dry surfaces such as wood, glass, parquet, epoxy, yacht decks etc.

Nano-Concepts Turkey, with the support of the advanced technologies, uses a one of a kind patented product to turn the surface into a non-slip surface in EU norms (see 0.5 cof) while not making a change on its color, brightness/opacity and appearance. The product, which is manufactured and delivered in accordance with the standards in the work safety and accessibility laws makes the surface completely dirt and stain proof and it does not get peeled of with any external factors. These characteristics of the product are certified. Since the product is not a coating material, it cannot be removed from the surface. After the chemical reaction between the product and the surface completed, the remaining product gets cleaned from the surface. The surface turns to its natural state with an increased friction coefficient. After the application, the new structure of the surface cannot affected by any other products such as detergents, bleach, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, brushing machines etc. The applied surfaces have a lifetime effect.

Not only the non-slip product, but with the new materials added to its portfolio since 2018, our company started to implement Nanoshield material applications for disinfectant purposes in indoor and widely used areas with high human traffic, and continues to produce materials which are used on glass and plexiglass facades to make them look cleaner and more vibrant. Our company, which is a pioneer especially in cleaning and hygiene applications and in bringing innovative materials to our country, has also completed its researches about the applications which reduce the sludge wastes used in treatment plants and it will be ready to use these applications soon.

Our company serving with many different authorized dealers across Turkey in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Samsun, Tekirdağ, Kocaeli, Muğla, Bodrum, Marmaris, Antalya and Azerbaijan and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus distributorships, and it is still increasing its network and preparing the infrastructure to provide faster service in the country and the region in general.