Our NanoGrip application is a method to give some new features to the floor by increasing the friction coefficient of the surface with the help of micron sized pores opened on the floor. NanoGrip is definitely not a coating method, primer or paint. After the application, there is no product residue remains on the surface. The application is an improvement on the COF (Coefficient of Friction) value of the reacting surface. After the application, surface turns into a skid proof surface and problem of slipping is completely eliminated.

How to Apply NanoGrip?

• The current COF value of the application floor gets determined.
• Before the application, the dilution rate gets determined by making a demo study in the field
• The product gets applied to the floor with the spray pump method according to the value determined by the demo study.
• After the application, there is 1 hour activation time. During this time, it is important to prevent the product applied to the surface to dry out.
• The product that completes the activation time gets taken from the ground with the help of a neutralizer.
• The area is made ready to use by washing again by us.
• It is delivered to the company.
Product Features
According to the reports we received from the TÜRKAK Approved CERAMIC RESEARCH CENTER regarding the application;
• Average values in the range of 0.19 COF – 0.20 COF were observed in the measurements obtained on the wet grounds wtihout application.
• The measurements obtained on the wet grounds after the application, presents an average of 0.53 COF value.
With this application, we offer a permanent solution to our valued customers by eliminating you slipping problem 100%. We eliminate your slipping problem without changing the brightness, opacity and the color of the surface by making no visible change.
With the report we received from ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (ITU), sample studies were carried out and observed on certain types of flooring materials. According to the comparisons made after the study, no change in observed regarding to;
• Color
• Texture
• Opacity-Brightness
• Smell
The fact that no reaction gets observed in the material indicates that there is no carbonated component in its composition.
The solution applied to the surface, makes the pores much more distinct. It is known that NanoGrip material, does not have a detrimental effect on the quality and durability (service life) of the ceramic or similar materials. Our product, which does not damage the stone surfaces, has many different kinds of uses too.
Along with the MSDS (SAFETY) Report, it is clarified that our products NanoGrip Activator and NanoGrip Neutralizer comply with the CDS standards and that there is a test result from 2009/Canada, showing that our products can be applied in food production facilities.

Fields of Usage ;

As can be seen on the indoor and outdoor report we received from ITU, the applied NanoGrip materials are useful and necessary to prevent possible accidents not only in the food production areas, also on the interior and the exterior of the buildings.
Therefore, this material can be used inside and outside of the building to prevent slipping. However, in order for this material to be used on outdoors properly, it must be ensured that ground will not be frosted or there will not be excessive snow accumulation on the application surface.
By meeting 99% of the needs in the market with our product, we ensure that you, our valued business partners, work in a safer environment with our perfect and complete service of understanding.
By preventing occupational accidents that may occur and providing a definitive solution to your slipping problem, which can cause large costs for employers later on, we guarantee all the application areas and take all the responsibility.